PUBG Lite PC Free Download

PUBG Lite PC Free Download

PUBG Lite PC Download

PUBG Lite PC Game Overview

PUBG Lite PC is a low version of PUBG PC and enhanced version of PUBG Mobile. PUBG Lite is also developed and published by PUBG Corporation. In this game, all of the controls and weapons are the same as PUBG PC except for some guns and new maps like Karakin. PUBG Corporation has also released a new map “Vikendi”,  in PUBG PC Lite. So, if you are a real fan of Battle Royale, download PUBG Lite PC and get ready to play.

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Each match starts with players parachuting from a plane onto one of the four maps, with areas of approximately 8 × 8 kilometres (5.0 × 5.0 mi), 6 × 6 kilometres (3.7 × 3.7 mi), and 4 × 4 kilometres (2.5 × 2.5 mi) in size. The plane’s flight path across the map varies with each round, requiring players to quickly determine the best time to eject and parachute to the ground. Players start with no gear beyond customized clothing selections which do not affect gameplay. Once they land, players can search buildings, ghost towns, and other sites to find weapons, vehicles, armor, and other equipment. These items are procedurally distributed throughout the map at the start of a match, with certain high-risk zones typically having better equipment. Killed players can be looted to acquire their gear as well. Players can opt to play either from the first-person or third-person perspective.

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PUBG Lite For PC Download

Click the download button below to start downloading. It is the full version and tested game. The download size of the installer setup is 64 MB.

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System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

  • CPU: Intel Core i3 2.4GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10, 64-bit
  • VIDEO CARD: Intel HD Graphics 4000

Recommended System Requirements

  • CPU: Intel Core i5 2.8GHz
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10, 64-bit
  • VIDEO CARD: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870