best assault rifles in warzone

What is the best assault rifle in Warzone?

Guns are unleashing the angels of death in the recently launched battle royale, the “Call Of Duty Warzone.” The best assault rifles in Warzone are our center of focus today. Piercing the enemy armor and giving brutal death to the enemy is what assault rifles are designed for. Without a doubt, the majority of players prefer AR in short-range and long-range battles too. Assault rifles are, without a doubt, the most dominant and cruel weapons in the gaming history of all the battle royale games, including Warzone. These are the present and the future, with innovations and attachments making it easier to penetrate the opposition’s defenses.

AR in Warzone can be placed concerning their origins. COD is a vast branch, and they have developed quite some games. Assault rifles in Warzone seem to have a source that lies in the gaming series of COD. Let us take a look at the best assault rifles in Warzone for you to dismantle the enemy and claim the throne of battle royale.

An important note here is that COD has two major series; modern warfare and black ops: cold war.

 Their team has preferred the best assault rifles in Warzone to be from the Blackops: Cold war series more than the Warfare series, but that doesn’t mean that a Warfare lover cannot enjoy Warzone, as they can unlock their favorite weapons by completing in-game procedures like competing for challenges, etc.

Now that we know that the developers have preferred the assault rifles from the black ops series more, our list will also primarily target the best assault rifles in Warzone to be from the same series.

Best Assault Rifles in Warzone

If you want to rank the assault rifles, it can be an arduous task due to the difference in preferences of different gamers. However, we have attempted to rank the top five guns in Warzone according to our expertise and experience. So, let’s jump straight into the best assault rifles in Warzone:

  1. C58
  2. Krig 6
  3. AK-47 – Cold War
  4. FARA 83
  5. FFAR 1

All of the weapons listed above are used in the Black ops: Cold War series.

As we have assembled the five best assault rifles in Warzone, we can now jump into describing each of these horrendous death-bringing weapons with more detail:


C58 is the type of assault rifle that you’ll prefer in long-range battles. The reason? Well, C58 has colossal damage and excellent attachments that make it appear on the top of the list of the best assault rifles in Warzone. These factors overshadow its slow firing rate. An assault rifle is not all about the firing speed or damage, the ranking, and quality of an assault rifle is also based on what kind of attachments you can attach to the rifle and what sort of operations it can perform. Considering all that, C58 is on top of the list since its entry following season 4.

If you want to test out the C58 for the first time, you can visit here to determine the perfect pair of attachments that’ll help you use the C58 at its full potential.

Krig 6

Krig 6 is one of the more advanced-looking assault rifles in Warzone. It might not be the pinnacle in popularity; it still is one of the best assault rifles in Warzone due to its rapid firing rate that destroys the enemy shields in long-range battles. One thing that you have to be careful about while using this beast is its recoil. Perfect attachments will help you keep this beast under control and unleash madness!

AK-47 Cold War

The AK-47 had a rough path upto season 3, where it was not considered one of the best assault rifles in Warzone. The following season 4 brought the glow of this ancient beast back to the spotlight. A bit old-fashioned when you look at it, AK-47 is designed to bring wrath upon the enemies. It kills instantly in short and long-distance battles thanks to its colossal damage. You need to have enough knowledge about the attachments of this beauty to keep it under control according to your purpose with it.

If you want to acquire knowledge about the different modes of this beast, you can visit here to determine the perfect pair of attachments that’ll help you use the AK-47 according to your requirements.


Unlike the AK-47, this gun has a modern look and is quite decent for an assault rifle. It is also in the line of the best assault rifles in Warzone due to its stability, magazine capacity (60 Bullets), and overall statistics that make it visible in the race of being one of the best assault rifles in Warzone. The recoil is more than good, and the firing speed is decent too.


The FFAR 1 is a light, fast assault rifle with berserk reloading speed that makes it one of the best assault rifles in Warzone. Its rapid firing rate makes it stand apart from other assault rifles. It is easy to control and has great power. It is modern in look and lighter than other assault rifles on the list, but it still has the qualities of an excellent assault rifle. Characteristically, it is more of an SMG than an assault rifle.

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